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Richard Buswell

Managing Editor

Richard is the oldest living survivor of KC Stage. He's been with the magazine since the very beginning, when he used translator microbes to put it onto the web.

He is known for his ability to get into fights with just about anyone (he's a fight choreographer), and really likes to tell people what to do (he's a director). He has also shown an uncanny ability to take it as well as dish it out (woudja believe, he's an actor, too).

When not shamelessly promoting himself, he can be found hiding from the general public in the guise of a traveling swordsman.

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Angie Fiedler Sutton

Associate Editor

Writing under the name Angie Fiedler, Sutton has been on the staff of KC Stage Magazine since 2004, however she has been a contributor since its second issue in 1998.

She's had over 10 years of experience in working with area arts organizations, from on stage, back stage, and board membership.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts: Journalism from Park University, and in 2010 was chosen as a Fellow at the 2010 NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Theater and Musical Theater.

Check out her blog.

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Scott Bowling


Scott lives his life in the closet most of the days. He spends his time fending KC Stage's website from hackers and viruses, but whenever possible he works on new parts of the website.

Ok, seriously. Scott Bowling was a graduating Finance Major from Truman State University in 2000 and found his calling programming for a local mutual fund transfer agency. During his time there he and his wife, Tricia, became involved with KC Stage Magazine. Scott took over the website and financial duties for KC Stage.

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Tricia Kyler Bowling

Subscriber Rep

Tricia got involved with KC Stage in 2000, while working with Diane Bulan at the Kansas City Ballet. A graduate of Truman State University, she utilizes her BA in theatre as the Marketing Supervisor for American Heartland Theatre. Tricia has a long history in theatre, starting with acting classes when she was 8, but she quickly learned that her preference was to be behind-the-scenes. Her hobbies include reading, knitting and snuggling with her dog, Brodie.

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Bryan Colley

Blog Curator

Bryan is a playwright and screenwriter from Sugar Creek, Missouri. He is a founding member of the Kansas City Screenwriters where he wrote the short film "Rhubarb Pie" and "Fringe Follies". He has written and produced plays with the Kansas City Fringe Festival and Gorilla Theatre Productions, including "The Feast", "The Maltese Murder", "Jesus Christ, King of Comedy". "Lingerie Shop", "Khaaaaan! the Musical", and "Hexing Hitler/Sexing Hitler." He is also a former president of the Just Off Broadway Theatre Association.

For more on Bryan, check out his website.

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Cast List

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Bob Compton

Contributing Photographer

Bob is a professional photographer with a passion and focus on live theatrical performance.

Working with many professional, community, and school venues Bob supports the arts by providing lasting, emotional images of theatre and dance productions.

When he isn't in the theatre (which means when there is daylight), Bob works with local ad agencies and businesses to produce commercial images that create business.

Check out Bob's work at his website.

Larry Levenson

Film Clips columnist and Occasional Contributor

Larry F. Levenson has worked professionally in front of and behind cameras for more than 30 years. He is a proud, active SAG/AFTRA member, however he is currently focusing on creating on-camera projects rather than being in them.

By visiting his website, one can peruse two resumes, view his stills and video portfolio plus stay current with new projects via his blog.

Larry's most recent video endeavor is producing and directing a feature-length documentary about Senator Ulysees Lee "Rip" Gooch entitled From The Bottom.

Cassie Whitney

Graphic Designer

Cassandra has been the designer for KC Stage since 2011. She loves working for organizations close to her passions and has worked with women's organizations and campaigns for years as designer, actor and event planner.
She has been an actor since the age of 9 working with theatres all over the KC area. She is also a professional dancer and instructor with Troupe Duende.

She has a B.A. in theatre performance and Graphic design from UMKC, is a certified wedding and event planner, and owns her own business, Zorian Designs.

Martha Maggio

Graphic Designer

Martha Maggio is a graphic designer, artist, photographer, actress, writer, mom, and wife. Master of none. She enjoys improv - watching and performing. Martha is extremely proud to contribute to such an important publication like KC Stage. Her interests include painting and crafting. She is a rock star at animated web ads. She wishes she could stop watching reality TV shows.

Jamie Lin

Editorial Assistant

Jamie Lin is a local performer, specializing in musical theatre and burlesque. When off the stage she models, writes, paints, and manages at McDonald's. Jamie is the proud mother of a handsome son and hopes that he will be involved in the performing arts someday as well.

You can see more about her on her website.

Samuel Stokes

Editorial Assistant

Samuel Stokes is an ABD student in the music composition PhD program at Louisiana State University. He has written several musicals including Bird Millman (premiered by the Freemont Civic Theatre in Canon City, Colorado), Dracula (Central Missouri Repertory Company), A Tale of Two Heroes (University of Central Missouri), and The Humpty Dumpty Mystery (Centerstage Academy for the Performing Arts and State Fair Community College). A Tale of Two Heroes was the winner in the Playwriting for Young Audiences Competition and produced as part of the Performing Arts Series at UCM. Stokes also composed, arranged, and directed music for numerous plays while he was a student at UCM, including Revenge of the Space Pandas and The Grapes of Wrath, both of which earned him commendations from the American College Theatre Festival.

For his dissertation, Stokes is composing a five-movement symphony based on the medieval legend of Eustace the Monk, and he is writing a document on the composition and perception of musical humor. In the department of musical humor, Stokes has composed a number of humorous songs including four that have been played on the Dr. Demento Show: "Jolly Old St. Nicholas - Change Your Ways!", "Hoopy Frood", "You Talk Entirely Far Too Much", and "Ode to Spot." To learn more about Samuel Stokes, visit the following websites:
Samual Stokes Music
His YouTube Channel
Songwriting blog

Gone to the Old Actor's Home

Diane Bulan

Co-Founder, Actor, Mistress Electrician

A child prodigy, Diane Bulan had degrees in aerospace engineering and underwater basket weaving (correspondence) by the age of 9. Her aspirations for a career combining both loves fell by the wayside at the age of 11 when, during a camping trip in the Ozarks, she was abducted by a troupe of thespian ticks.

She was literally bitten by the acting bug.

Some of Diane's favorite roles have been those of inanimate objects: walls, clouds, and in a particularly challenging William S. Burroughs piece, a 1930 Royal typewriter. Her next role will be that of Steve McQueen's motorcycle in the stage adaptation of The Great Escape: The Musical.

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