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Highest Rated Performances

Would you like to check out the highest rated performances in KC right now? This link will give you all performances with the highest ratings first. Use this to decide which show to check out this weekend or tonight or this afternoon, whichever suits your fancy!

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Current and Past Performances

List All Reviewed Performances

This will list all the performances with reviews organized by Theatre.

Current Performances

Past Performances

Current and Past Performances

Reviews by Reviewer

Have a favorite reviewer? Go through here to find the review and check out their most recent reviews.

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How To Post

Throughout the website you will see the current rating for each performance. Next to that rating you will see a "Rate It!" link that will take you to the Rating Form page. You can either QuickRate the performance or write a review.

About the Review System

This system was setup to allow our theatre going visitors to voice their opinion about local theatre performances. We have available two ways to rate a performance: QuickRate and Review. The QuickRate allows anyone to rate a performance on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best). The Review allows you to critique a performance by writing up review that can be read by anyone. We require anyone who wants to write a review must either be a paying Subscriber or have opened a Reviewer Account. The Reviewer Account allows access to writing a review but does not allow access to the other premium service that we offer our paying Subscribers.

Open a Subscriber Account.

Open a Reviewer Account

Remember, if you have a Subscriber Account you have the ability to write reviews. You will also note that the login you use to access the website is not the same as the Reviewer Name attached to each review your write. You can change this by logging into your account and select "Reviewer Account Information ".

The Editorial Staff will look over each review and edit for grammar and spelling but will try to keep the review true to original artistic form.

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