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KC Fringe Festival
Bond! An Un-Authorised Parody

Content Rating: Suitable for Everyone

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
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Posted on Jul 26, 2014
by Detailer

5 out of 5


Clever spoof of everything related to James Bond

One man used 3 metal door-frame-type set pieces to tell a whole new story about Bond, spoofing and paying homage in creative, intelligent ways.

He played all parts with suggested physicality and slightly altered voice. Sean Connery appeared at a perfect moment for the humor.

His pantomime was precise and clear.

He changed the set with speed and kept it all flowing well with the use of music. Funniest were theme songs from “Hawaii 5-0,” ‘Mission Impossible,” and “Pink Panther.”

It was fascinating how he could make the area look so different with 3 identical pieces, just in the way he placed them related to each other, and how he varied their positions. Sometimes they stood upright like doors, sometimes they were on their sides to form counters, treadmills, etc. And sometimes they were placed facedown, which formed ramps and canoes, among other things.

He even got in the obligatory car chase. And the shower scene was a recurring theme. He began and ended with the iconic shot down through the tunnel of door frames, backlit with a huge spotlight.

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