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Content Rating: Suitable for Everyone

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
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(Virgin.) by Jesse Ray Metcalf

Posted on Jul 22, 2014
by Detailer

4 out of 5

(Virgin.) by Jesse Ray Metcalf

Funny script with thought, sharply executed

(Virgin.) by Jesse Ray Metcalf kept me laughing throughout.

J. Will Fritz and Jesse Ray Metcalf directed Jesse’s script with fast-paced precision. The specific movements added to the tone of the show and kept it going.

I appreciated the use of voice-over to cover the minimalist scene changes, so I was never left in the dark or waiting for the show to continue. Briana Marxen-McCollum voiced a believable and interesting narrator of the thoughts of Kenna Hall.

The superb cast individualized their characters while fitting perfectly into a unified show style. Kenna Hall, Ellen Kirk, Melissa Fennewald, Bonnie Griffin, and Matt Leonard carried the bulk of the dialogue with delightful comic timing, and they were supported well by Ai Vy Bui, Alisa Lynn, Lindsey Ray, and Emily O’Dell. Ellen Kirk’s pantomimed actions were clear and specific, and Melissa Fennewald used her physicality to perfection. Matt, Ai Vy, and Alisa created two very different characters.

Katie Vaughters designed perfect costumes which set the tone and added to the characterizations. Warren Deckert’s lighting was always where it needed to be and just right for the mood. Tess Jehle-Ray handled sound, Sarah Thoman was Stage Manager, and Lindsey Ray was Assistant Stage Manager.

I liked the simple items to suggest sets and props in the style of the show, a good example of less is more. The staging covered the audience well, and kept my interest by having people popping in and out from all directions and stage the scene on different areas.

Some conservatives might be offended by some things in the script, but I found it very funny, and it encouraged me to think about some issues without hitting me over the head with them.

My only quibble with the show is the ending, which I found unsatisfying. It seemed like they realized they had reached an hour and just quit. The entire show had flowed so well, with each scene building on the scene before it. That made the ending more disappointing by contrast. Of course, maybe I was just enjoying myself so much I didn’t want it to end!

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