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Content Rating: Adult Fare

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
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Embrace burlesque

Posted on Jul 21, 2014
by Fusion

4 out of 5

I saw Skin last night at the Off-Center Theater. It was fun! Burlesque is supposed to be sexy, raw and edgy and that's what I got. Did I like everything I saw? No. But the moments that shone took my breath away.

First, insert your favorite diatribe about how about our American culture demands women to look a certain way and when they don't they aren't "sexy". Done? Good - throw that crap away. Burlesque is about performance - projecting coquettish flirting, raw sexual power, or channeling your inner dominatrix - performer preference, of course - but to me - burlesque is the rawest form of performance. Archetypes of the female in all her glory right there for you to enjoy/criticize/whatever. I applaud their guts. The intriguing aspect of burlesque for me is watching how the performer approaches it.

Second, the woman cleaning up in between acts was cute but the show would have gone faster if two people - maybe a man and a woman could have raked the stuff - or even have an over the top character do it and be really funny. Anyway, mac trucks drove through the clean up part.

Third, the men...good golly the men. Adonises with personality who looked us in the face and even came out into the audience - wish I had sat in the front row - and connected. Wow - stunning performers and yes - perfect bodies grinding...okay I'm going to need a moment.

Fourth - the duet - was stunningly and beautifully executed with emotion and class.

Fifth - I loved the screen number - what a beautiful image and I liked the colors that developed - as it wasn't a sharp image - reminded me of a bond film opening.

Sixth - the courage - I applaud the courage and beauty each of these women had - the first girl - funny and happy, the second - dominatrix all knowing and confidence, the third - tender and vulnerable, and the last - bold, graceful and entrancing.

Yes, it lacked polish. Yes, the women weren't Bettie Page. And yes, I need to lose 20 lbs.

I'd see it again - mostly to sit in the front row and see the men - but I'd go.

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