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Kansas City Magic Cabaret

Content Rating: Suitable for Everyone

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
(Rating: 3.5: Rating Closed) | List the 4 Reviews!

Weak Show and Magicians now Scare me

Posted on Jul 27, 2013
by vanfanivan

1 out of 5

I had heard nothing but good things about the magic cabaret.

So I went to catch the show. It was overrated. I went on Adult night with Reverend Al. Boy, is he hyped up. As a host and want to be stand up comedian he was weak, which is how the entire show went. Let's hope he generally has better material than this. Jokes that have been told so often you could recite them verbatim just aren't funny.

There were tons of card trick, but that's about all. I suppose the other shows were better as they talk about other tricks with salt, etc.

The highlight of the show was the last gentleman who they rushed through since we spent all night looking at boring card tricks that you can figure out if you have half a brain. Then the good Reverend Al ACCIDENTALLY forgets to bring him onto the stage at the end of the show. How rude!

But the worst part of the show, was before it even began. When a group of people are trapped in a small lobby waiting to be seated, it's not a good time for a pissing contest. An irate magician was boisterously exclaiming to another magician of how he was replaced in the show. And how there was someone in the show that was not in the association. Who knew that magicians were so serious. Leave the politics at home and be nice little magicians that want to entertain people. You give all magicians bad names when you bad mouth other people in your profession.

I suggest saving your money and staying home to watch Brain Games. And Reverend Al, do yourself a favor and get new material.

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