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It's Personal

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Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

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Starstruck and Begging for More

Posted on Jul 27, 2013
by vanfanivan

5 out of 5

I have seen Seamless before at the fringe and this is the one show I HAD to see. I feel that the Seamless Dance group is the best in Kansas City. I actually began to love dancing just because I saw their show Turning Tables.

I hoped that this year they would do just as good as a job. I was not disappointed. With simple costumes, the show is all about the dancing and music. They do a fantastic job of telling a story through the movements. The pieces are thought provoking. It's impossible to tell you highlights of a show, that is pure perfection. No technical problems and a perfect flow. And just when you think it can't get any better, it does.

Out comes the guest performances by the Starstruck Pac. These girls had the most amazing costumes and great dances. I am now a fan of Starstruck.

Chelsie Klein stole my heart and soul with her solo, Hymn. All I can ask for is more of the Seamless Dance and Starstruck.

Whoever does the choreography for them is a pure and rare genius. It's the BEST dance show you will see!

Go, It's Personal.

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