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Grand slam poetry

Posted on Jul 26, 2013
by kellyluck

4 out of 5

Poetry is a curious beast. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea. This writer used to do quite a bit of it in school before moving on to prose, and it still has a soft spot in my heart. At the Uptown Arts Bar, denizens of the local poetry slam put on a reading of some of their works for a gratifyingly good turnout.

The event consisted mainly of three poets, taking it in turns to come up and read or recite from their work. Styles and subject matter varied widely, with each person bringing something unique to the performance. Of particular note to this observer were "Miss Conception" with her whiplash delivery and Angela Roux's witty barbs.

One pleasant surprise in the evening was Michael Shaeffer, whose "Hot Lava" show this reviewer had the pleasure of attending earlier in the week. He came up toward the end and recited one of his pieces that was not from the show, being perhaps more suited to the present company. Other regulars of the local group were on hand as well, providing a fascinating and distinct variety of voices.

Unlike most of the groups performing at the Fringe, the Poetic Underground is an ongoing thing, meeting every Wednesday night at the Uptown Arts Bar. Aspiring writers, performers, fans of spoken word or even songwriting are encouraged to attend.

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