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Jelly Rose

Content Rating: Suitable for Everyone

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
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Jelly Rose Amazing at 13

Posted on Jul 25, 2013
by savilaart

5 out of 5

Okay, I had no idea what I was getting into and I did not expect much at all. All I knew was a co-worker went on and on about a teenage girl that was an amazing performer/singer and that she was way beyond her years in talent and style. Wow, that proved to be a gross understatement. I am so happy I went through the trouble of by-passing my home and stopping at a fast food joint to grab a burger before heading over to the La Esquina to see a teenage performer, Jelly Rose.

I am so pleased that I did. You have to remember, I did not expect much at all. No offense, but teenagers tend to be cut from the same cloth artistically... good but not great... requiring then need to take in more support and encouragement than the talent and entertainment they put out. Not this little girl... not Jelly Rose.

From the moment she walked from the back curtains and popped her perfect little frame on what looked like a 10 x 10 stage she amazed me. She was poised, personable, fun, and very thankful to the audience. By the way, the audience, or lack thereof was perhaps the only difference between her show and any of the major shows I have seen. I have seen Rhianna, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga. This will sound crazy but Jelly Rose is right there with them and with the obvious potential to blow them out of the water.

If my records are straight, she performed 7 songs in roughly 47 minutes and looked and sounded as if she could easily double that. She was loose and fun on stage and interacted with her very solid 4 piece band (3 instruments and one backing vocal).

Jelly Rose took the audience through a full range of emotions as she performed her songs. (Songs that I later discovered were all original works of Rose and her dad). Though the entire show was amazing, there were several moments and songs that stood out. A song called The Zoo was a reggae laced song that Rose said was heavily inspired by Trevor Hall. This song had me bobbing my body in my seat almost as much as Rose's keyboardist who appeared to be the leader of the band and certainly the live wire. During The Zoo, Rose danced and pranced and altered he smooth vocals into that of a singer straight out of Jamaica.

The most heart felt moment of the night came when Rose settled the crowd back in there seats and described a special song... Cold Soul. This song moved me. I fought back tears as she sang out the lyrics "like a seed in the winter I am hidden between the snow". I was not alone in fighting back tears... Rose herself was greatly effected by the song as were at least a couple of others in the audience.

Still, the highlight of the night, as should be expected at any REAL concert was the closing number. Scram. This song was an amazing journey taking hills, valleys, and flatland all the way through before finally going to the top of the mountain at the end. I have no words to describe how funky,rocky, and even hard rocky this song was. It amazed!
For a the icing on the cake, Jelly Rose turned the band loose for an all too brief jam session of Scram after she left the stage. I was hoping and pulling for an encore but alas, none came.

I can not find enough expletives to do justice to this teenager, these songs, this performance, this band and Jelly Rose!

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