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An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein

Content Rating: Adult Fare

Type of Performing Arts: Theatre

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
(Rating: 4.3: Rating Closed) | List the 3 Reviews!

An Evening of Adult Fun

Posted on Jul 23, 2013
by ChaimEliyahu

5 out of 5

Writer and illustrator Shel Silverstein never made it into the 21st Century — he died in 1999 — but Heidi Van and Company (featuring "Fishterns" Marianne McKenzie, Jenny Ward, Diana Watts Tim Wilkinson along with “special guests” Pete Bakely, Annie Cherry, Katie Gilchrist, and Jake Walker) find timeless fun in seven short pieces that were part of “An Adult Evening” — first staged (though not often since) when Eisenhower was still in the White House.

A fast-paced hour brings us:
• "Going Once"—Walker auctions McKenzie, who shows her stuff
• "One Tennis Shoe"—Wilkinson, the husband, argues Ward, his wife, is becoming a bag lady
• "Buy One, Get One Free" — Gilchrist and Cherry offer a golden opportunity, hooking-and-releasing Walker
• "Wash and Dry"— McKenzie discovers unclean laundry while we watch
• “The Lifeboat is Sinking"—Watts’s game of “who-would-you-save” nearly drives Walker overboard
• “Bus Stop"— Bakely makes a clean breast of Watts by reading the fine print: what can she do with that sign?
• "Thinking Up a New Name for the Act": the whole company casts new light on meat and potatoes

Nothing heavy here, folks. Just infectious fun (pre-feminist, in nature, but delivered with a post-feminist twist) — often dark, but lightened up by a talented cast, moving fast.

And for a mere fraction of Kanye’s price, you can take away Peregrine Honig’s fashionable T’s or tanks — designed to feed the Fish in Kansas City’s most important Tank. I first stumbled into the place on the first night of the 2009 Fringe, and they’ve been keeping fringe-iness alive in KC year-round ever since.

Get your tickets in advance if you can, ‘cause they’re hot, and line up early. Shows every night for the rest of the week (except Wednesday) — and extended already to August 1-5, for those who miss the boat. But don’t!

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