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A Hard Day's Night

Written by <Unknown>
Directed by <Unknown>
(Rating: 4.1: Rating Closed) | List the 3 Reviews!

Performance Location:

Just Off Broadway Theatre


Show Date:

Sunday, July 20th 2014

Show Time:

1:30 PM


Poor Kelly. Growing up isn’t easy - parents obsessed with Disney, a popular sister, Grandpa’s ghost in the basement, and a house cluttered with pet ashes. But at her parents’ twentieth anniversary celebration, with guests there for partying the night away, she vows to make things change. Writer: Vicki Vodrey. Director: Taylor St. John. Featuring Jennifer Mays, Bryan Moses, Melissa Fennewald, Chris Roady, Shelley Wyche, Mariah Thompson. "It's a f**king compliment to call this family dysfunctional!"


Ticketing Information:


Related Information:

Content Rating: Adult Fare

Performing Company: Lot In Life Productions

Performance Type: Theatre

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